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Last modified: 17th June 2010

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Evolvable Hardware

Lab 1 (Sessions 1 & 2)

Lab 1 will familiarise you with the XUP-V2Pro FPGA development board. You will be given a GA that evolves a 1-bit adder. The task is to learn how the GA works and interfaces to the hardware, and then to adjust the GA code to evolve a 2-bit adder.
Go to Lab 1.

Lab 2 (Sessions 3 & 4)

This lab will introduce the idea of using evolution to help remove errors caused by faulty components from a circuit.
Go to Lab 2.

Lectures 1

Lectures 1 gives an introduction to digital evolvable hardware. Examples of evolved circuits are given as well as a brief introduction to the hardware structures used to create them.

Lecture 1

Lectures 2

Lectures 2 starts with an introduction to the practical lab. Following is an overview of FPGAs, their inner workings and the software design flows.

Lecture 2

Lectures 3

Lectures 3 introduces CGP, an approach for evolving electronic circuits. Following are some digital EHW case studies.

Lecture 3

Lectures 4

Lectures 4 covers more digital EHW case studies.

Lecture 4


Digilent sell a number of FPGA development boards at a reasonable price that would allow you to investigate evolvable hardware yourself.

Digilent NEXYS-2 Board

Digilent's Nexys-2 Spartan 3E board is a good option.

Digilent Spartan 3 Board

Another Digilent board with a Spartan 3 device.

Xilinx WebPACK

Xilinx do a free version of their ISE tools called WebPACK.

Further Reading

Introduction to Evolvable Hardware

Introduction to Evolvable Hardware, A Practical guide for designing self-adaptive systems. Garrison Greenwood, Andrew Tyrrell.

ICES Proceedings

The proceedings of the International Conference on Evolvable Systems, contains many papers on evolvable hardware.

Conference # Year Location Proceedings
1st 1996 Tsukuba, Japan LNCS 0162
2nd 1998 Lausanne, Switzerland LNCS 1478
3rd 2000 Edinburgh, UK LNCS 1801
4th 2001 Tokyo, Japan LNCS 2210
5th 2003 Trondheim, Norway LNCS 2606
6th 2005 Sitges, Spain LNCS 3637
7th 2007 Wuhan, China LNCS 4684

ICES Proceedings
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