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Last modified: 18th November 2009

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SD Cards

For a project I need to configure some FPGAs from an AVR. An SD card seemed a good place to store the configurations. This page give some information on how you can an AVR can be used to read files from a SD card.

SD Card Preparation

> fdisk	/dev/sdc1		(System type code 6: FAT16) 
> dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdc1 bs=512 count=1
> mkdosfs -v -F 16 /dev/sdc1

SD Card Connections

The figure below shows the underside of an SD card.

SD Card Connections

SD Card Connections

Pin Number Pin Name Function
1 CS Card Select (Requires pull-up)
2 DI Data Input
3 VSS1 Ground
4 VDD Supply Voltage (3.3V)
5 SCLK Clock
6 VSS2 Ground
7 DO Data output (Requires pull-up)
8 IRQ Interrupt (Requires pull-up)
9 NC Unused (Requires pull-up)

AVR Circuit


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